1. Tests and conformity assessment of heaters under Regulation (EU) №305 / 2011 of the European Parliament and the Council, Ordinance № РД-02-20-1 from February 5, 2015 the terms and conditions for use of construction products in the works of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ordinance for essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products and the following harmonized standards EN 12815:2006; EN 13229:2006;
EN 13240:2006 and EN 14785:2006.

2. Tests and conformity assessment of boilers under Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast), the "Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of machinery" and EN 303-5: 2012;

3. Tests barbecues according to BDS EN 1860-1:2013 Appliances, solid fuels and fire-lighters for barbecuing - Part 1: Barbecues burning solid fuels - Requirements and test methods;

4. Research studies (in order to improve and optimize the combustion processes);

4.1. Current control of combustion heaters;

4.2. Check fire (temperature of the surrounding walls) of fuel heaters;

4.3. Checking the pressure of the water jacket of the combustion devices;

4.4. Determination of sound pressure medium-octave frequencies;

4.5. Strain studies of one-dimensional and two-dimensional stress state in order to non destructive testing and strength assessment of steel structures;

4.6. Issuing protocols with data from trials;

4.7. Consultations on the preparation of samples for verification of compliance (as valid harmonized by EU directives standards). Using data from the test protocols of client applicant to compile dossiers, declarations of conformity or's operating performance, content of labels at a CE - marking etc.