About Us


Laboratory TERMOPLAM - LTD. was established in 2011.

"TERMOPLAM" Ltd. is a notified body with notification number NB 2608 / 07.30.2015 of the European Commission's register in accordance with Regulation 305 (EU) / 2011 and with the permission of CPR 12 - NB 2608 of 07.30.2015 of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works to carry out the assessment of performance of construction products.

Laboratory TERMOPLAM - LTD. aims on one hand meeting the criteria and objectives set by European legislation, and on the other hand-maximum facilitation and acceleration of the work with the client.
For this purpose is developed a quality system in which has been paid particular attention in the policy and objectives of the work in the laboratory.
The purpose of the quality policy and objectives for work in a laboratory TERMOPLAM - LTD. is to provide our customers reliable, accurate and complete results of the tests.

Our understanding of the development of TERMOPLAM - LTD. is in:
 • increase the volume of controls performed;
 • non Returns on fault of TERMOPLAM - LTD;
 • non Returns on fault of TERMOPLAM - LTD;
 • increasing the effectiveness of the control;


The laboratory has a highly qualified team with extensive knowledge and experience in conducting studies of thermal fuel heating appliances. Senior engineering technical personnel is required for the purpose qualification - Bachelor and Master.