Measurement parameters

 • Total thermal power;
 • Thermal power transferred to the water;
 • Efficiency;
 • Oxygen in the exhaust gases;
 • Harmful emissions in the exhaust gases;
 • Carbon dioxide;
 • Carbon monoxide;
 • Nitrogen oxides;
 • Hydrocarbons;
 • Dust;
 • Noise;
 • Deformations and stress temperatures;
 • Flue gas of surrounding surfaces (requirements for fire safety - of nearby flammable
    materials). The working bodies and others.
 • Linear dimensions;
 • Weight.

Technical devices

The laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and equipment for examining with high accuracy and in sufficient volume in accordance with European standards of parameters and performance of heating appliances burning solid fuels (fossil or biogenic). This allows and gives grounds for the subsequent competent conformity assessment according to the requirements of European standarts and directives.

Tools of the laboratory include gas analyzers, dust monitors, differential and precise micro vacuum meter, flow meters, pressure gauges, instruments for measuring length, multipoint (temperature logger) thermometer, infrared video pyrometer for remote measuring of surface temperatures, sound level meter with a frequency filter (to determine sound pressure medium octave frequencies) amplifier for load cells and devices for monitoring and control of the environment (temperature and humidity). The devices have calibration certificates issued by accredited laboratories certifying their accuracy and functional adequacy.


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